Campus Owl

About Us

Campus Owl is revolutionizing the world of reviews on college town bars and restaurants with help from those that know them best: Students. There is no longer a need to search review sites for places to go that contain reviews from anyone. Campus Owl is a unique community helping you find the places that you will truly enjoy.

Why we started

Campus Owl

We started Campus Owl because as a college student, a 65 year old doesn’t know the best place to get a burrito at 2 AM or where the best happy hour is. Because $20 is not a cheap meal and 4 beers on tap does not define “tons of beers on tap”. We started because the reviews and opinions found on other review sites never seemed to match our own opinions or expectations once we got there. We created this site to provide a better space to find information on bars and restaurants in college towns.

Campus Owl Features

.EDU Email Only

Anyone can view the content on Campus Owl but a .edu email domain is needed to utilize the features on the site such as: posting reviews, requesting specials, uploading photos and more.


Have you ever wanted to find out what was going on at the bar you were heading to? Our website stands out as being the only site to offer the "Today" feature. With this feature, users can go to the page of their desired bar, select the today tab, and then post information about the current status of the bar for everyone to see. Let other users know how crowded it is, how many tables are available and more. In addition users can upload photos and post comments in real time to let others know what’s happening! These posts will be deleted every day before the bars re-open because every day is a fresh start.


Users do not have to provide their name when creating an account on Campus Owl. Create a username, password and select your school and you are good to go!